Verix Launches New AI Capabilities for its Tovana Platform, Ushering in a New Era for Pharma Commercial Operations

Tovana analyzes and centralizes the vast amount of data related to HCPs, patients, and payers, allowing commercial teams to easily manage it from a single place, helping pharma companies increase revenue and drive business growth

Verix, which provides AI commercial operations enhancement platforms for the pharmaceutical industry, has launched a new AI patient finder analysis for its Tovana platform. Tovana is an AI/ML and analytics-powered commercial optimization platform that provides life science organizations with the ability to harness all the available health care provider, patient, and market data, while providing continuous, reliable and explainable data-driven insights so pharma companies can optimize their execution and drive growth.

Tovana leverages the power of AI to process anonymized claim level patient longitudinal data, producing in-depth, accurate information at a fraction of the time and price as traditional approaches. This data helps pharma companies streamline their sales and business process and ensure the right patients are getting the right drugs, at the right time. The platform automatically ingests new data as it arrives, so it is constantly providing up-to-date insights. Tovana optimizes execution, enhances transparency, and enables cross-team collaboration. Top industry players are already using the Tovana platform, including GSK, Bayer, Novartis, and Roche.

The “patient finder analysis,” allows for the early identification of new patients with rare diseases based on the AI matching of previous patients with similar journeys. This feature can reduce treatment discontinuity by providing insights into previous – and similar – patient journeys, as well as streamlined operations and increased efficiency by leveraging advanced analytics and data sources for patient optimization.

Verix has already developed and implemented successful additional cutting edge industry use cases on top of the Tovana platform, such as Dynamic Targeting and Segmentation, Bottom-Up Forecasting, Channel Mix Optimization, and Therapeutic Landscape Analysis. For pharma companies, these use cases optimize customer engagement and strengthen market positioning, leading to significant revenue increase. In addition, with no-code capabilities, Tovana allows users to develop their own models or utilize out-of-the-box tried and true use cases.

“As we continue to grow, serving more and more customers, we understand the strategic value of building out the category-leading AI capabilities of our platform,” said Doron Aspitz, CEO of Verix. “Tovana’s patient finder feature has the ability to revolutionize the way rare diseases are treated. We know that Tovana’s use cases fill an important gap in pharmaceutical analytics and look forward to continuing to build out the platform’s AI-driven capabilities in the future.”

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