Put the Right Targets in Focus

With highly explainable target lists and predictive analytics, you can easily tier multiple segments, make data-driven Next Best Engagement (NBE) decisions on who to target first, and how to approach selected targets to win every opportunity.

By performing a multidimensional analysis on thousands of HCP and patient attributes, you can detect which physicians are likely to churn, continue prescribing, or become new writers, and empower brand managers to easily tailor hyper-personalized campaigns for each one.

With dynamic target lists that bring a unique combination of precision, relevance, and explainability, you can improve HCP-brand engagement by >20% and grow market share.


Dynamically segment
the market and pinpoint
the right targets

Never overlook relevant opportunities

Harness HCP, patient, and payer data and generate accurate and explainable target lists with personalized Next Best Engagement (NBE) offers to each physician


Capture Every Opportunity

Even the ones you didn’t know are there



accurate and relevant target lists easily, on-demand, and in just a few clicks to stay focused and up to date.



hyper-personalized campaigns based on specific HCP and patient needs to increase engagement.



high-potential accounts that are typically overlooked to close more business.



a precise message to each target based on behavior, communication preferences, and patient needs to capture and keep attention.



sales and marketing resources to where it matters most and do so more effectively to increase hit rates while reducing costs.



strategies and respond quickly to new competitive forces, regulations, and other factors that impact the business to avoid risk and leverage opportunities.


In Their Own Words

Abhishek Agrawal

Strategic Accounts & Innovation Lead, Novartis

“We’re starting to see a double-digit business uplift. Verix enabled us to focus on small-niche opportunities based on the physician’s state of mind, and helped us to build an efficient tactical plan accordingly”

Gellert Toth

Head of Commercial Analytics, Novartis

“We emphasize the importance of following Verix-generated recommendations because we see a measurable difference in results. It’s very simple – people who leverage the insights generate a faster ROI than those who don’t.”


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