Drive the most consistent and precise forecasts

Generate sales forecasts at any level- by territory, region, country, brand, or HCP micro-segment, and drive optimizations with automatic matching and tracking.

Fill in the gaps by leveraging AI to get the most accurate predictions, even when there is little available data, small populations, or only a single brand or account.

Enable managers to set the right goals, set accurate and attainable incentive compensation goals for specific territories.


Predict where your next sale will come from

Automated, precise and explainable prediction of your business results

Better plan near-term operations and long-term capital allocation


The Power Of AI

For precision forecasting



forecasts that reflect true potential with a deep understanding of HCP-specific prescribing behavior



forecasting confidence by eliminating the need to rely on uncertain predictions.



Results by combining various forecast models, what-if scenarions and methods that address local dynamics.


In Their Own Words

Abhishek Agrawal

Strategic Accounts & Innovation Lead, Novartis

“Verix enables us to discover pockets of opportunity that we may have missed due to the national level exercises that typically get executed.
We can finally get a thorough understanding of the therapeutic landscape from the bottom up and deliver key findings on potential opportunities.”

Gellert Toth

Head of Commercial Analytics, Novartis

“We emphasize the importance of following Verix-generated recommendations because we see a measurable difference in results. It’s very simple – people who leverage the insights generate a faster ROI than those who don’t.”


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