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Verix Receives the 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award

Verix identified as a leader for AI innovation in the pharmaceutical commercial operations industry


Case Study- Precision Targeting Boosts Oncology Sales at a Top 5 Pharma

One of the largest Pharma Oncology divisions in the US increased leading KPIs including new scripts by 15-25% with Tovana


Testimonial- GSK and Novartis talk about Tovana

“Verix delivered in record time, every time, and actually went above and beyond”

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Testimonial- GSK, Abhishek Agrawal

“A senior leader can actually pinpoint exactly where he‘s going to get the next sales from- That’s powerful!”

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Why AI- Episode 1- Introduction- The impact of AI on the pharma industry

Doron Aspitz, Verix CEO, discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on the pharma industry’s commercial operations realm and the opportunities it has created.

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Why AI- Episode 2- The benefits of implementing an in-house AI platform

Tanya Abarbanel, COO at Verix, discusses the benefits of implementing an in-house AI platform and lists the factors that should be considered when choosing...

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Episode 3- Enhancing patient-centric marketing with AI

Gili Keshet, content marketing at Verix, elaborates on the shift towards a patient-centric approach, and how AI can enhance these types of engagements in...

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