It‘s only intelligent if it’s

In today’s fast-paced Life Sciences and Consumer Packaged Goods markets, in order to build a competitive advantage, manufacturers and retailers need the right set of automated tools to optimally manage and leverage an enormous amount of data. To really maximize profit, brands need to both zoom in on relevant data, and at the same time view the operation as a whole.

Drive every aspect of your business process to precision

Especially to that end, Verix offers a unique, comprehensive library of analytic applications for Commercial Intelligence in the Life Sciences and CPG markets.

We designed these proprietary applications to automate business processes and institute coordinated, insightful decision making across your organization, so you can –

  • Instantly boost commercial teams performance

  • Quickly respond to market changes

  • Detect unexpected issues that require attention with near real-time response

Choose the best application sets for your needs

Our flexible implementation model allows our customers to choose their own application sets relevant to the commercial success of their roles and based on their specific business processes.

The Applications cover everything from core business processes, such as Sales Effectiveness and Brand Management, to market specific processes, such as Drug Launch and Market Access, in the Life Sciences industry, or SKU Performance Optimization and On Shelf Availability, in the CPG industry.

Take a look at some of our leading applications