Better Together

Herspiegel Consulting

Herspiegel Consulting is a full-service life science consulting firm that specializes in commercial strategy and execution, helping clients define impactful strategic approaches, streamline launch and commercialization processes, enhance business intelligence, and optimize product performance.

The partnership enables a full cycle offering in which Verix’s science-driven approach to effective execution of commercial strategy, translates the strategic advice into automated operation.

“This partnership between Verix and Herspiegel Consulting will help our clients execute strategic approaches, streamline their new product launch, and catapult commercial success for in-line brands” said Brent Herspiegel, Herspiegel Consulting President,


Veeva is a leading global provider of industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences industry. As a Veeva partner, Verix integrates into the Veeva CRM, insights and suggestions based on its AI-driven analytical engine, to satisfy a growing need for focused, relevant insights at the field.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are constantly looking to improve their pitch to prescribers. Through the Verix Veeva integration, they will be able to easily pinpoint significant issues and get recommendations for optimal courses of action to remedy problematic situations and take advantage of business opportunities.