5 Big Data Articles from the Past Week You Might Have Missed

This week’s picks are on all on big data in its many variations: Big Data Big Future, BigDip (Big Data in Pharma), Big Data to optimize B2B. No doubt…Big data is Big and everywhere these days. As analytics professionals, it’s almost unavoidable; every company, from every industry, seems to be talking about it. A recent study shows that there’s no shortage of rational reasons to get big data programs rolling: companies that use customers analytics extensively are more than twice likely to generate above-average profits as those that don’t.

An integrated analytic approach can free up to 20 percent of marketing spending; injecting big data and analytics into operations can help companies outperform their peers by 5 percent in terms of productivity and 6 percent in profitability. So where are we stuck? A recent article by Forbes claims that in order to get Big Data Sales Programs to work, you need to get emotional? Can emotional bit the rational of analytics? Happy reading.

Unlocking the True Value of Big Data

“While “Big Data” may currently be an overhyped topic, it is a natural evolutionary step, says Balazs Szathmary and Joel Haspel.” With the vast amount of information stored in an unstructured manner, the Pharma industry is faced with a goal of extracting the value out of Big Data by gaining new insights through analytics. In this article, view the true value of Big Data through multiple use case scenarios  in the healthcare industry.

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Big Data in Pharmaceutical: Big Future?

The Pharma industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. According to James Pozzi, the industry has turned to Big Data to help shape its future after years of rising costs and failed efficiency. Studies have shown that Big Data can reduce costs for pharma manufacturers by $70bn. Read this article in more depth to see how the big players in the pharma industry are embracing Big Data as it becomes more commonplace, and view the challenges and opportunities it offers.

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Using Advanced Analytics to Optimize B2B Sales Force Strategies

In the past, companies have resorted to consultancies and internal analytics groups doing manual analysis. Now, companies have shifted to new innovative methods in optimizing salesforce effectiveness. In order to leverage advanced analytics in an effective way, Paul R. Monasterio, Principal, Applied Predictive Technologies, introduces three tools that are necessary. Read on to discover how to understand performance across your network and how to improve performance.

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Want Big Data Sales Programs To Work? Get Emotional

Big Data is of popular talk these days. But, the question remains: How do you get the Big Data train moving? In this article, Matt Ariker and Nimal Manuel cover the obstacles in getting big data sales programs to work and the secret behind the success.

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Key Takeaways from BigDiP (Big Data in Pharma)

Last month, SAS hosted BigDip (Big Data and Pharma) in Boston, which produced some key insights from the top Pharma thought leaders. In this article, PharmaVOICE gives us the scoop on the most important highlights of the conference. Check out this article to view the complex business problems that drive analytics innovations, the principles of enabling disruptive innovation, how to generate the most value out of your analytics, and how to assure meaningful patient outcomes, to name a few.

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