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IT Central Station is a B2B social networking site that enables technology professionals (in Global 2000 and mid-market enterprises) to research and share information, including product reviews, ratings and recommendations.

They are “The Yelp of enterprise technology products”. Fortune 500 users rated the Verix solution providing their unbiased opinion on features, functionality and ease of use.

  • "Verix is the only product in the market that specializes in Pharma Launches. We felt that it addressed exactly our needs. Verix's library of pre-packaged life science applications enables notoriously quick implementations. Today, Verix is used by everyone in the company's commercial operations to make data-driven decisions: Sales, Sales management, marketing, analysts, and managed markets. Reporting is no longer a pain-point, but a solution to empower actionable insights."

  • "11 Different reporting platforms gave us a headache and outdated business analytics."

  • "By using Verix's analytical applications solution, which includes change requests and any needed tweaks and adjustments in the price, we saved over $2.5M a year. Moreover, the real gain is in significantly higher usage rate and business value derived from the solution."


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