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Cloud-Based Business Analytics for Pharma

PMSA May 18-21, 2014 Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort Orlando, Florida Booth 4

At Verix, we focus on pharmaceutical Big Data with the end goal of facilitating Pharma companies’ ability to get the most out of their business and maximize profitable growth. Stop by Booth 4 to learn how we’ve applied extensive domain expertise to guarantee:Increased ROI, High Satisfaction, Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

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Pharma Force

October 21-23, 2013 PharmaForce Princeton, NJ │Booth 16

Now in its 9th year, PharmaForce brings together 250 senior-level sales force effectiveness and multi- channel marketing executives to learn, network, and formulate strategy. Covering key topical discussion points such as; commercial innovation, brand strategy, sales force effectiveness, and multichannel marketing, through case study presentations and interactive tracks, PharmaForce will show you how you can develop your strategy for overall commercial success.p

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August 13, 2013 GarageGeeks Tel Aviv, Israel Doron Aspitz, CEO @ “Meet the Leaders of P&G”

GarargeGeeks is an Israeli based not-profit physical and virtual space for innovative and creative people to introduce, network, expose, create, brainstorm, innovate and build. People that take part in the activities come from different disciplines such as electronics, software, mechanical, art, design, music, hacking and gaming. The spirit of GarageGeeks promotes building non-commercial projects that would otherwise may not have come to life.

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June 6, 2013 CIO Executive Summit Cincinnati, OH Doron Aspitz, CEO with Andy Walter VP, Business Intelligence, Consumer & Global Business Units, Global Business Services at P & G – “Analytics and Big Data

Evanta fosters collaboration and the exchange of best practices between the leaders of the world’s premiere enterprises as a means to improving individual and organizational performance. Dedicated to providing actionable value to each of the functional disciplines across the executive suite, it is driven by content and engagements created by and for an elite membership of officers and executives alike. Accessible through regional, national, global, and virtual platforms, Evanta Leadership Network provides the first neutral space in which these individuals can safely explore ways to support each other in driving personal and corporate performance.

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The Israel Conference

May 30-31, 2013 The Israeli Conference Los Angeles, CA Doron Aspitz, CEO – “Big Data. The future of innovation”

An experience of technology and design with companies and leaders that are doing business in Israel. An opportunity to meet with the CEOs and innovators who are making new markets sizzle with leading edge solutions, products, and new ways to be a playing in the market.

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Veeva Global Customer Summit

May 6-8, 2013 The 5th Annual Veeva Global Customer Summit Philadelphia, PA │ Booth 19

This is one of the industry’s largest events dedicated to commercial cloud solutions for life sciences.

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