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Case Studies

Verix Drug Launch App Leads Bayer to Exceed All Expectations

When Bayer US Pharma, was about to launch two new high profile Oncology drugs, the need for a cutting edge, agile analysis solution was a prerequisite to guarantee success in this competitive market. Verix was chosen after a careful selection process, to support the sensitive and complicated launch process of these specialty products.

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Roche Diagnostics Enhances Sales Performance and Increases Efficiency

Roche needed to streamline work across the Sales Operations organization to provide quick, accurate, relevant information to the field. The Verix solution is being used by 350+ users from Professional Account Managers (PAM) to VP of Sales, helping Roche realize huge time saving across the organization due to increased efficiency and elimination of redundant work.

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Effectiveness Throughout the Sales Organization

Daiichi was struggling with stacks of clunky, incongruent reports for years. Today Verix integrates all data in one easy-to-access solution, slashing time and boosting performance. The Verix iPad App serves as the single source of data for over 2000 sales reps in the field.

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