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Develop a Big Data Strategy with Pharma-Focused Analytical Applications

Verix provides both analytical breadth and depth across the entire Commercial Operations function. With deep domain expertise in understanding third party syndicated data (such as IMS, SHA or specialty Pharmacy) and integrating these Rx and payer data with CRM call/sampling activity, incentive compensation goals and internal data (such as pull-through and marketing campaigns), Verix provides a comprehensive, consolidated view of the business with its Pharma analytics.

Adapt to the Quickly Changing Market
It’s no secret the Pharma Industry is on the verge of some ground breaking changes, mostly based on the shift of perception towards a more patient-centralized perspective. Verix offers the innovative solutions needed to handle these changes, and takes your business far beyond traditional Pharmaceutical practices, into the next generation of Pharma innovation.
Target HCPs & Identify Patient Base for Your Drug
Data today consists of various sources of information, especially since the digitization of knowledge; from medical records to social media to lab tests, combined with the more traditional Pharma data sets (such as prescription sales data) and so on. This affects the Pharma Industry in two main ways:

From the R&D perspective, big data can be used to develop a more personalized medicine, based on anonymous electronic medical records. Whereas on the commercial frontier, businesses can use big data to better target HCPs and identify the right patient base.

Pharma’s new greatest competition of late, unexpectedly comes from outside the industry, from big data analytics companies experienced with handling huge amounts of data and draw insights. In other words, Pharma’s biggest challenge today, is learning how to make better use of big data to stay on top of their game.

Verix provides Pharmaceuticals with the ability to leverage that big data cluster, to reach overlooked markets, and lead to a more effective use of sales and marketing spend. It has built a variety of analytic applications tailored to specific functions and users within the commercial team, from Sales to Marketing to Managed Markets, and supports their unique business process and analytical needs.

Develop a Patient-Centric Viewpoint
Future predictions for the Pharma industry indicate a shift from traditional drug-based perspective towards creating a range of value-added services that go beyond producing traditional medicines. This means Pharma should develop a more patient-centric viewpoint, especially on the commercial aspect, and move from APLD (anonymized patient level data) to PGHD (patient generated health data).

Verix’s solutions support this kind of patient level data. With applications such as Verix’s Drug Launch, for example, companies can quickly prepare and track the performance of the drug during those critical first six months across the most important metrics, such as new and continuing physicians. Additionally, with more and more Pharma companies selling specialty drugs, Verix has designed its solution to support SP data and analyze it, even down to the APLD and PGHD.

Verix is preparing your business to move to the future of Pharma commercial strategies- building trust with physicians and patients, delivering value, and providing a higher level of service.

Prepare Your Reps for a More Scrutinizing Market
Today more than ever, reps need to be equipped with the most comprehensive knowledge of the drug’s every aspect, from its economic value and down to its medical performances.

Verix’s applications are designed to prepare the reps exactly for that kind of reality. Verix categorizes actions and business drivers for the rep, such as new physicians or ones that are shifting Rx to the competitor. The applications are designed so that the reps themselves can analyze the data, and always walk in to make a call when they’re well prepared.

Pre-call Planning

With the Verix Pre-call Planning Application:

  • Tackle every sales call armed with critical information to tailor every pitch
  • Optimize sales on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis
  • Get reminders before a sales call that includes relevant information to each physician visit
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5 Best Practices to Optimize a Sales Call

Tired of entering sales calls blindly? Pharmaceutical sales is a job that demands endless creativity and planning. Reps have an average of 2-3 minutes to convince doctors that their drug is the best on the market. In this free whitepaper, we’ve outlined the top 5 practices that can help reps plan sales calls more efficiently and effectively. Download it today and start preventing sales call blindness.

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