Pharma Lead & Learn: An Interview with Charlotte Sibley on the Importance of Modern Analytics

As someone who knows the power of data and analytics, Charlotte Sibley is not afraid to “Tell truth to power” or to say, “Your baby is ugly.” In our exclusive interview, the President of Sibley Associates and frequent lecturer at Columbia University Graduate Business School says ultra-modern data analytics is the key to delivering good, solid customer service and truly boosting pharma commercial operations.

Tomorrow’s pharma reps, she insists, must become much more expert in their role, harnessing analytics and developing lasting business-to-business relationships.

“Years ago at Brooks Brothers, I tried on something, and the sales person had the wisdom, the tact and the customer sense to say, “That doesn’t flatter your coloring but let me show you something that I think would be good for you.”

Sibley tells this story because she believes the pharma industry is so obsessed with the sale itself that it has lost sight of the importance of these relationships.

Download the interview to learn more and discover why, in Sibley’s view, hospitals lead the way in the healthcare system nowadays and patient centricity is first and foremost about being consumer centric.