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Is your pipeline clogged? It’s time to clear the path from numerous data sheets and focus on sales with Verix’s Funnel Management

Verix puts the power of analytics in the hands of both the home office and field users. By integrating numerous, disparate data sets into one consolidated view, Verix makes it easy to see what works, and what needs attention.

While this is typically being managed today by multiple reports, and can take hours for a rep to analyze, with Verix this task is now completed in a matter of minutes, freeing the rep to focus on what counts– selling.

Combine Multiple Data to Quickly Learn the Market
Verix combines ERP revenue and order information, CRM funnel/call data, and account contract status to allow the user to quickly pivot across customer and product, and learn exactly what is happening in the business.
Use Intelligent Business Alerts (“Hotspots”) to Sell More
Are your Pharma sales stalling? Let Verix provide your sales rep with the most relevant analysis to be fully prepared for a call!

  • Is a competitor’s contract affecting sales?
  • Is a device or diagnostic test overdue for ordering?
  • Is the sales funnel accurate and robust?

Intelligent Business Alerts (“Hotspots”) provide a solution for these questions, as the data is constantly scanned for changes and provide targeted, actionable insights to each user.

No longer does the rep wonder how to increase sales or where his focus is required- Verix categorizes actions and business drivers for the rep, such as orders overdue or opportunities to upsell an account. So that when a rep walks into a customer call, he is well prepared and knows what to emphasize.

Implement Unique Features to Recognize Errors
Verix’s unique auditing feature spots and categorizes forecast errors and inaccuracies. By shining a light on such instances as deals past due or opportunities with zero revenue, both managers and reps can take control of their pipeline and provide the best information available. This attention leads to significant increases in forecast confidence– something everyone wants, from Sales leadership to Finance.

Funnel Management

What if you could…?

  • Visualize New Sales Opportunities
  • Analyze Integrated Data
  • Benefit from Intelligent Business Alerts
  • Automatically QA Your Sales Funnel
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No Need to Call the Plumber: 5 Ways to Take Control of your Sales Pipeline

Have you ever clogged up your kitchen sink and not known why? Did you grab the plunger or did you call an expensive plumber to resolve the emergency? Managing a sales pipeline, especially in the complex life sciences industry, can often leave you feeling like you’ve lost control and calling a plumber is the only answer. Download this free whitepaper to learn how you can properly manage your sales pipeline.

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