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Customer Questionnaire for Pilot implementation

Customer Name:

Please List the Country for POC

For the specific country selected, list the divisions included in PILOT

Therapeutic Areas:
Please select specific therapeutic area(s) for the PILOT to focus upon

Which specific drugs will be supported for each therapy?

User Type:
Which business users will be supported? Please note how many users for each role and if there are multiple sales forces.

Data Sources/Types:
Which data sources and types are being used/purchased for each therapeutic area? (Most relevant sources will be selected for the scope of the pilot.) Examples: Own drug and Competitive Rx data (IMS, SHS), Transactional Data Warehouse (Oracle/IBM) data, Roster/Alignments, CRM (Veeva or Sales Force.com), Customer Master Data, Payer data, Sampling Data, Marketing Program data

Record Count:
Please specify the record counts for the transactional data sources as well as third party data sources (it’s a rough estimate not an exact count). Examples include # of Rx records, # Physicians, # Accounts, # Payers, etc.

Refresh Frequency:
What is the desired data refresh frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) for your users?

Data-Refresh type:
Will the data sources be incremental or a complete historical refresh? (incremental might be relevant for specific sources only)

Update rules:
Switching between source systems may affect the historical data. What is the expected duration from the transaction day up to its appearance in the system? How often is the data updated in your systems?

CRM system:
Which CRM system is in use?

3rd party data sources:
Any additional 3rd party data sources are in use, such as Specialty Pharmacy or Distributor data?

Goals & Incentives:
How do you set goals for incentive purposes? Do you want this included in Pilot?

Are you providing samples and to which therapies?

Competitive data:
Assuming you are buying competitive data, can you describe the Market Basket and who your main competitors are?