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Consumer Packaged Goods

Quickly Respond to Changes in the Market and Achieve Optimal Business Results

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies collect large volumes of data from traditional sources, including pricing figures, sales data, marketing spending, and procurement as well as from new sources such as scanners, mobile devices, POS (point of sale), and sensor data.

Verix for CPG addresses specific commercial issues of consumer product manufacturers: branding, marketing and merchandising. Our Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) for Consumer Goods are based on the innovative management-by-exception technology, developed in collaboration with Procter & Gamble, to find correlations, detect problems, and identify opportunities.

Our In-Store Execution solution is expanding!

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Enhance Your Effectiveness and Productivity

From Eliminating Out-of-Stock Situations to Analyzing Market Share and Inventory

Market Share Analysis

Compare your products’ performance and share to the overall market, and to specific competitors, so you can answer complex brand questions.

Retailer Performance

Track performance by retail chains or individual stores. Identify trends and analyze changes so you can share best practices and improve performance

Price-Mix Analysis

Analyze pricing impact, price sensitivity, and rebate effectiveness; optimize pricing and rebate plans accordingly.


Inventory & On-shelf Availability

Analyze demand trends, competitive activity, and market dynamics to eliminate those harmful out-of-stock situations.

Strategic Revenue Management

Track revenues and capture any abnormality in the portfolio, pricing or product mix.

POS (Point of Sale) Analysis

Easily view and analyze the most detailed store-level information, gaining insights that are often buried or missed when analyzing data at higher levels.

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