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Lead Your Sales Team to Focus on What Matters

  • Boost sales performance & effectiveness
  • Respond quickly to the market
  • Stay ahead of the game


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Managing Multiple Drug Launches at a Time?

A drug launched well can pave the way for success – land your products safely in the market, maximize uptake and course correct activities.

Verix Sales CommOps

Guarantee Impact on Every Sales Call

Develop a rigorous plan for each target
Be flexible in your physicians targeting
Give your reps the tools to succeed
For years, reps were asked to detail a doctor for a few minutes via a paper visual aid and drop samples. Today, the paradigm has completely shifted to one where reps are using digital media (from iPads to webinars) and calling upon all key players in the office.

It’s not just about getting the drug message out; it’s about providing value to the physician’s entire office – from help with reimbursement to clinical trial enrollment, and yes, providing samples.

Learn how to guarantee IMPACT on every sales call

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Adapt Your Organization to Changing Business Models

  • Analyze the impact and efficiency of your sales organization
  • Understand competitor trends and actions
  • Optimize your sales reps’ strategies and measure their goal attainment

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Verix Sales CommOps

Smart Analytics Take More Than Just Data

Deep domain expertise in understanding third party syndicated data (such as IMS, SHS or specialty pharmacy)
Integration of CRM call/sampling activity, incentive compensation goals and internal data (such as pull-through and marketing campaigns)
Leverages information from existing BI platforms and Enterprise Data Warehouse
Powered by Intelligent Business Alerts – HotSpots to sell more.

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