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Feel Underserved by Business Information & Lack of Real-Time Data?

  • Set up campaigns and track success
  • Monitor drugs sales and new launches
  • Gain insights into resistant payers
  • Demonstrate value beyond the pill

Marketing Form

CEOs and board members want to see solid ROI for marketing expenditures.

Sales organizations want marketers to deliver qualified leads to help them meet their quotas.

Product development teams need someone to be their eyes and ears out in the field.

Get the right information to the right parties and free yourself to deal with patient centricity.

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Looking to Close the Loop and Connect the Dots?

Track Marketing ROI

Measure the impact and plan future activities based on speaker program attendance, survey responses, mailer responses, and other campaign tactics

Analyze Performance

Set and adjust parameters according to your strategy, track performance vs. goals, & increase detailing quality with targeted messaging and marketing activities

Optimize to Drive Sales

Assess campaign results and use insights to increase sales by combining your marketing and sales data with third-party marketing data

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Is sales force effectiveness your top challenge?

  • Measure overall effectiveness of sales efforts
  • Understand competitor trends and actions based on a detailed analysis of geographic and prescriber activity
  • Know where to spend more time in the field based on Intelligent Business Alerts
Verix Sales CommOps


By integrating syndicated Rx data with CRM results, your team can measure the effectiveness of sales efforts through role specific dashboards and detailed analysis of geographic and prescriber activity, both for your company and the competitor.

Boost Your Sales Force Effectiveness

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