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Intelligent Business Alerts

Improve the Proportion and Quality of Actionable Insights


  • Focus on KPIs
  • See what, where, and why things happen
  • Save 50-60% data processing time
  • Obtain actionable, relevant insights
  • Enables Management By Exception
Intelligent Business Alerts (Hotspots)
Companies gather an abundance of valuable information, but when siloed and out of context; you cannot act upon it quickly and accurately. Most companies today are able to gather a lot of valuable information. However, only a few companies are able to act upon these insights quickly and accurately. Verix’s Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) address one of the biggest challenges of collecting and analyzing business intelligence – lack of focus.
Management by Exception
Verix’s Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) technology provides a radically different approach to reporting and reviewing data, enabling you to manage your business by exception.

Unlike traditional BI tools that make you search for issues that require intervention, Verix utilizes Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) to provide early warnings and insights based on trend patterns in your business. Our platform applies business logic and domain expertise to identify significant and relevant changes – or exceptions. This exception reporting proactively informs you of potential business opportunities and threats, so you’ll know where to focus your activity.

Groundwork – Integration of Influences
Verix starts by creating a comprehensive view of your business, combining input from a wide range of internal and external data sources, including sales figures, marketing data, EDW, third-party data (IMS, SHA, and Nielsen), formulary data, CRM, ERP and competitive information.

Verix’s strategy of ‘integrating all influences‘ takes every possible impact into account and eliminates a major problem for businesses today: siloed, inaccessible and disintegrated data.

No Need for Queries
You don’t need to develop a hypothesis and query the data to validate it. Verix automates the KPI relationship analysis within your extensive data sets, and hones in on the issues that matter, as well as the underlying causes to these emerging trends. Our proprietary algorithms and patented technology analyze data permutations across multiple business dimensions and segments them in order to “connect the dots.”

However, reporting statistically significant data isn’t enough. Changes must be relevant and displayed in a way that is easy to understand and act upon. The Verix Semantic Layer applies business relevancy logic on top of the statistical analysis engine to deliver insights that are actionable and relevant. Additionally, contextual information answers the WHY – allowing everyone to easily see how to address a challenge or threat.

“Verix sifts through overwhelmingly large amounts of data to dramatically improve the proportion and quality of actionable insights.”

Dan Elron, Managing Partner, Strategy, Innovation and Technology at Accenture

Solving Traditional BI Challenges with Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots)

Do you struggle filtering through the noise of big data? Traditional BI solutions are accompanied by a host of problems such as the silo effect, sending out junk alerts, or simply not be aligned with the complexity of the data. Big Data can be great but ONLY if you can filter through the noise to get the info that really matters.In this free whitepaper, learn how Verix’s Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) platform can provide your company with insightful analysis to significantly improve business performance.

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