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One platform that does all of the work for you.

Verix Cloud Based Business Intelligence (BI) and Insight solutions are delivered on demand via SaaS (Software as a Service.) A hallmark of the Verix platform is the ease with which it integrates into existing Business Intelligence and CRM frameworks.

Our proprietary analytical engine automatically scans and analyzes the vast amounts of internal and external data on behalf of our clients, looking for emerging opportunities and risks, and proactively presenting the data in ways that enable immediate action.

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Pulling from Leading Disciplines to Produce Analytical Engine Algorithms

Verix draws on a number of math and science disciplines in order to develop our analysis algorithms, including the statistical, mathematical, machine learning and bioinformatics fields.

Thanks to this scientific approach, Verix is able to search and analyze massive business datasets and pinpoint statistically significant anomalies. These anomalies, presented as easy-to-understand Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) to the user, represent changes in business performance that signify an emerging trend, opportunity or risk. Verix performs automatic segmentation of the detected exceptions, and analyzes the business drivers attributed to the phenomena.

Verix Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) detection algorithms work in a four-stage analysis process.

Thorough Data Scan

Verix scans each and every relevant intersection of data, flagging all statistically significant outliers based on historical behavior and business logic.

Identify Attributes

Verix identifies all common characteristics of the flagged intersections, so that business managers receive high-level alerts relevant to them, eliminating redundancy and clutter that so many other alert systems cause.

Analyze Data

Verix quickly begins to analyze additional measures and related data, providing contextual answers (i.e. the “Why”) and categorizing the alerts according to their business meaning.

Add Business Rules

Company specific business rules can also be applied to prioritize and filter Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots).

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  • Analysis Server: Data mining, detection, qualification and storage of business alerts (HotSpots); Java based
  • Application Server: Packaged J2EE applications, using JBoss and other open source products
  • Client: Browser-based thin client. No downloads or installation required.
  • Data storage and access: Oracle based.
  • Servers run on Linux and Windows.
  • ETL (extract, transform, load) Process: Proprietary to Verix. Performs data integration and transformation and applies business logic required to support subsequent analysis and display.

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