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Manage Pharma Accounts and Partnerships

  • View both historic and current sales information based on patient records
  • Easily track drug distribution time
  • Understand and optimize the performance of Specialty Pharma partners

Master Specialty Drugs Distribution

Track, analyze, and optimize the performance of your Specialty Pharma partners taking into consideration detailed past and current patient information.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in Specialty Pharma?

Working with SPs means more effort for you to manage; it can also mean access to rich datasets that may not be typically available through syndicated data providers. This granular data can help everyone in the organization execute the commercial strategy.

  • Track physician preference and writing behavior (to include brand switching preferences)
  • Follow patients longitudinally through the treatment process to ensure that they are continuing on your drug, and if they aren’t, provide a prompt to find out why adherence is an issue
  • Monitor where patients are in the reimbursement process to identify issues with prior authorizations and time to approval
  • See pull-through metrics in days (rather than months) to enable the Account Management team to see results of formulary wins
  • Know how long it takes each SP to fill a prescription to unearth problems around distribution, REMs management and prescription fulfillment
  • Receive ICD-9 codes by patient and doctor to enable the brand team to see how the drug is being used and develop appropriate, on-label messaging

Specialty Pharma Master: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

  • How many SPs do you plan to work with?
  • What level of data do you expect the SP to capture?
  • How do you technically manage the data?
  • What are you going to do with the data once loaded?
  • Do you track SP Performance?
  • Are you impacting change?

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