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Never Enter a Sales Call Blindly Again.

Enter every sales call equipped with:

  • Detailed Physician Profiles
  • Payer Data
  • Competitive and Historical Sales Info
  • CRM and sales data
  • 3rd party managed care information
  • Geographic Mapping to Optimize Sales Routes

Empower Your Reps

Pharmaceutical sales is a job that demands endless creativity and planning. Reps have an average of 2-3 minutes to convince doctors that their drug is the best on the market. With the right planning and information, however, companies can empower their reps, increasing the chances of a successful sales call with every visit.

Discover the 5 Best Practices to Optimize a Sales Call


VP of Sales: Recently Resized your Field Force?

Your sales team may be smaller, but expectations are not! The demands on each sales rep have never been higher: more workload, limited access, more disparate reports. How do you keep them motived to sell?

Self-service analytics put the power of business intelligence in the hands of your reps.

  • Automatically alert your reps to business opportunities and threats through Verix’s HotSpots analysis technology
  • All data and metrics consolidated – from Rx to call activity to SP data and beyond. No more frustrating juggling and comparing of disparate reports.
  • Full off-line support for on-the-road sales reps

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Sales Force Empowerment: Closed Doors and Opened Windows?

Today’s healthcare landscape is changing. From the ACA to the digital economy to EHRs and beyond, pharmaceutical companies are being challenged to navigate this new world across their entire value chain, including the sales model. While reps remain the primary means to deliver product information, a recent report indicates that it’s becoming harder and harder for reps to access HCP offices, with 49% of physicians placing moderate to severe restrictions on sales reps (up from 45% in 2013). As this access declines, something must change in the traditional sales model to enable the commercial team to successfully sell their product.

In this free whitepaper, we review new strategies and tools to overcome these barriers and boost sales.

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