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Understand the Business Side of Patient Care

  • Track every patient prescribed for your specialty Pharma treatment via anonymized data
  • Incorporate all parties involved, tracking step-by-step patient treatment
  • Easily spot outliers and bottlenecks and understand drivers
  • Highlight significant issues with embedded HotSpots

Want to Know Your Patients?

Treating chronic diseases is both enormously costly and often unsystematic. It is typically administered episodically by multiple physicians who rarely coordinate the care they deliver. This presents a unique challenge to specialty Pharma manufacturers that provide the treatments for the chronically ill.

Aggregate all treatment related information in one solution that fits all of your commercial team’s needs.

Sales Reps

have access to exhaustive details of all patients in each stage of a treatment.

Sales Managers

benefit from the executive summary that provides a snapshot of all related products.

Brand Managers

can group patients according to the promotional activity, track training received for drug administration, & follow a patients’ progress.

MM Managers

can track the distribution of specialty drugs, adherence to schedule, payer activity, and prescriber trends.

Want to see the application in action?