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Give your Managed Markets Account Executives the Tools They Deserve

  • Know where your drug is preferred
  • Quickly identify your largest accounts
  • See where your drug is gaining traction
  • Compare your status to competitors
  • Develop your account contracting strategy

Simplify Managed Markets!

With Verix’s Managed Markets Application, the hard work of organizing and understanding managed markets data is already done for the account manager. In fact, rather than being built solely around the data, the application is designed around the account management business process and the questions that naturally arise on a day-to-day basis.

Pressured to improve formulary status and pull-through?

The role of Account Managers has never been more important! With the increasing emphasis on outcomes coupled with the influence of the Affordable Care Act, more and more of the decision making power is shifting from the physician to the MCOs.

Couple this with the abundance of disparate data sets all of these inputs, if not analyzed efficiently, can become an overwhelming burden to manage, particularly if the home office solution is to occasionally send spreadsheets containing these data out to the Managed Markets team.

Focus on What Matters:

Contract Negotiation, Account Management & Pull-through

Optimize sales by payer by drug

Increase pull-through campaign performance

Receive payer formulary status

Manage all constituencies in one analytic application across all products & territories with relevant, accurate information.

Taking Care of Business: How to Empower Your Managed Market Teams with the Right Analytics?

  • Is your managed markets team equipped with real-time analytics?
  • Do they have access to the insights they need to help the brand succeed?
  • What tools are you providing so they can take care of business?
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