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Measure the Success of New Drug Launches at Every Stage

  • Closely track the first months of a new drug and optimize product adoption
  • Manage the end-to-end launch process and course correct for faster market penetration
  • Increase sales using built-in KPIs for rapid processing and integration


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Verix’s Drug Launch Application delivers real time business analytics to measure the success of a launch at every stage. It empowers decision makers with the information they need to course correct prescribing gaps, hurdles to access, as well as distribution and stalled growth.

2/3 of drug launches fall short of expectations.

Don’t Be a Part of the Statistics. Become a Launch Champion.

Effectively launching a new drug to the market is a logistical nightmare. With so many moving parts, from marketing and sales to manufacturing and distribution, it is far too easy for a critical piece of the puzzle to slip between the cracks.

In conjunction with Verix’s new Drug Launch Application, we have compiled a complete checklist to ensure a successful launch. Download your free checklist today and take the first steps towards becoming a Launch Champion.

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Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer Adopts Verix, Enjoys Big Savings with Agile Analytics


Life sciences, being such a competitive market, don’t leave much room for the overwhelming amount of products being launched every year. In such a complex and competitive environment managerial decisions become crucial in determining whether years of investment will go down the drain or succeed in making it through the launching threshold.

Leading Pharmaceutical company Bayer was not looking to be a part of this statistic.

“Before Verix, Bayer was using 11 different reporting systems to get the insights it required…and it still wasn’t enough.”

In this case study, find out how Bayer addressed the many challenges of Pharma launch analytics, including:

  • Generating actionable insights
  • Rapid deployment
  • Quick change implementation
  • Consolidated analysis view
  • Offline accessibility

Download the case study today to find out how Bayer achieved the analytics required to save big and succeed in the competitive Pharmaceutical market.


Download the Case Study

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