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Do you know what’s in your sales pipeline?

What if you could…?

  • Visualize New Sales Opportunities
  • Analyze Integrated Data
  • Benefit from Intelligent Business Alerts
  • Automatically QA Your Sales Funnel

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Verix Funnel Management Application for medical devices enables managers to tackle their pipeline head-on so they can identify and course-correct issues before they become a problem powering them with:

  • Integrated information from CRM, ERP, and Contract Management Systems allowing for analysis at every level of the organization
  • Robust funnel analysis that looks at the sales pipeline from every angle to identify opportunities at the right time
  • Automated funnel quality scans to ensure high quality data and highlight points in need of improvement
  • Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots)

Struggling with Your Sales Pipeline Management?

It doesn’t have to be a pain!

  • Do you know what’s in your sales pipeline?
  • Where are deals getting stalled?
  • If you can’t locate the issue, how can you fix it?

With so much pressure to deliver accurate sales projections to senior management, pipeline clarity is essential. With Verix’s turnkey Funnel Management Application you can proactively manage your sales pipeline by identifying and correcting forecast issues before they become a problem with turnkey funnel analysis.

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Medical Device Sales Manager: Combine Multiple Data to Quickly Learn the Market!

Life sciences, being such a competitive market, don’t leave much room for the overwhelming amount of products being launched every year. In such a complex and competitive environment managerial decisions become crucial in determining whether years of investment will go down the drain or succeed in making it through the launching threshold.

Verix combines ERP revenue and order information, CRM funnel/call data, and account contract status to allow the user to quickly pivot across customer and product to learn exactly what is happening in the business. Is a competitor’s contract affecting sales? Is a device or diagnostic test overdue for ordering? Is the sales funnel accurate and robust?

Verix’s rich library of analytic applications is tailored to specific functions and users within the commercial team. Everyone is looking at the same source of data, presented to them in a way that supports their unique business process and analytical needs.

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