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Analytical Applications Designed to Improve Commercial Operations Performance

  • Built around real business processes
  • Cloud-based & big data-ready
  • Vetted by thousands of users

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Drug Launch

  • Track the first months of a new drug
  • Optimize new product adoption
  • Course correct for faster market penetration

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Pre-call Planning

  • Track detailed physician profiles & payer data
  • Analyze competitive & historical sales info
  • View geographic mapping to optimize sales routes

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Patient Tracker

  • Track every patient via anonymous data
  • Quickly spot outliers and bottlenecks
  • Highlight major issues with embedded HotSpots

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Managed Markets

  • Quickly identify your largest accounts
  • See where your drug is gaining traction
  • Compare your status to competitors

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Funnel Management

  • Visualize new sales opportunities
  • Analyze integrated data & benefit from Intelligent Business Alerts
  • Automatically QA your sales funnel

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Salesforce Effectiveness

  • Boost sales effectiveness with Rx & CRM data
  • Understand competitor trends & actions
  • Spend more time in the field with Intelligent Business Alerts

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Specialty Pharma Analysis

  • View historic & current sales info based on patient records
  • Track drug distribution time
  • Understand & optimize the performance of specialty pharma partners

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LRx Analyzer

  • Track patient data & activity over time with APLD
  • Analyze prescription patterns of patients & where they’ve switched to other brands
  • Target physicians who are introducing new patients to your brand

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